Business Cyber Security

The Business Cyber Security, BS helps business students move into post-graduation roles focused on business issues related to cyber security. This includes a focus on analyzing, assessing, understanding, organizing, and managing cyber security programs and initiatives. This degree program allows students move into entry-level roles such as cyber security analyst, information security analyst, technology auditor, and data management specialist.

Management Information Systems

Building better systems today for tomorrow’s benefit: that’s what graduates of the Management Information Systems program do with the technical skills they learn in the Management Information Systems major. Competing in today’s information-based society, three of the five fastest-growing occupations in the United States require a thorough understanding of business needs and the technical knowledge to help organizations succeed. Today, the information age. Tomorrow, ageless information.

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Operations Management

The COOs of tomorrow specializes in Operations Management today. The major focuses on the effective management of the resources and activities that produce or deliver the goods and services of a business, therefore keeping it in business. Operations managers oversee the people, materials, equipment, and information resources a business needs to produce and deliver its goods and services. Many of the most well-known data systems operating the processes and activities of the worldwide business are designed by operations managers.